How eating more fat helped with my weight loss

My first year of being vegan taught me a lot like don’t load your blender with seven bananas and three tablespoons of coconut sugar, dates and vegan junk food are a once in a while treat not a regular meal or snack and most importantly eat more fats to get satiated not more carbs. After… Continue reading How eating more fat helped with my weight loss

Bad But Vegan: Refined Sugar, Oil & Soy

Affordable and addictive: products containing refined sugars oil and soy are not the best for you but they taste great. Recently I’ve been realising how much better being raw vegan can be for your health. A lot of the foods that contain things like refined sugar, oil and soy can be harmful for your skin,… Continue reading Bad But Vegan: Refined Sugar, Oil & Soy

Millet…the Gluten-Free Goitrogen?

Recently, I’ve decided to go gluten free to see if this would help my keratosis and so far this is working well. However, I missed being able to have pancakes for breakfast and since I’ve also stopped consuming oats if they were not labelled as being gluten free I decided to stop pulsing certain brands of… Continue reading Millet…the Gluten-Free Goitrogen?

Simple Vanilla Nice Cream

Sometimes that’s all you need, the simple foods. At times they really are the most satisfying. Last week I made the perfect banana ice cream, simple and plain: 4 frozen bananas, a dash of cinnamon, some vanilla extract and 1/4 cup rice milk. It was probably the best nice cream I’ve had in a while and… Continue reading Simple Vanilla Nice Cream