I Relapsed …

It’s been a year and four months since I went vegan, and although it has been the best decision I’ve ever made to align my ethics with what I consume on a day to day basis, see changes in my body such as my nails, skin and weight and just overall feeling better–I relapsed. I allowed myself to be taken over by old bad habits. Ok I got you, I haven’t relapsed. But a year ago when I first went vegan I was eating a lot of junk food and I finally got to a place where I didn’t need to eat processed foods or add sugar and salt to my food anymore and I was completely whole food plant based. I was, eating very clean for about eight months and then it happened all I wanted to eat was processed junk, although it was always completely vegan I just didn’t feel motivated to eat clean anymore. I was at a weight loss plateau for almost 2 months and I began to feel unmotivated once again. I also went back to exercising very little if even at all. It was exam time and I ate just about anything vegan I could get my hands on.
I knew that I needed to change my eating habits but it became harder and harder for me. I knew what I was eating was made out of refined sugar, refined oil, gluten and soy which were all acne triggers for me but all I cared about was taste. Thankfully I’m becoming repulsed by eating all this and I want to see progress with my body and finally shed the remaining 15 lbs of fat I’ve been holding on to. I had been planning to get back on track since Easter and here I am six months later and nothing has changed. My skin hasn’t gotten too out of control but I need to get back to eating clean, drinking 3 litres of water to day and a consistent exercise routine.
I know I can do it and oddly enough the person who is motivating me the most is not even vegan. Paleo based Australian youtuber Sarah’s Day has a series of project comeback series on her channel which although the meals aren’t vegan she gives very good tips on how to get back in shape after you’ve eaten poorly on holidays, after exams etc. One of her tips is to include a healthy fat in each meal which keeps you satiated and can help curb sugar cravings, filling up your plate with low glycemic vegetables, having vegetables as snacks, preparing healthy treats in advance, using chia seeds to encourage you to drink more water and thinking about how the food you eat affects your overall health if its helping you or hurting you. As for exercise, when you get up in the mornings if you try weighing out if its worth it to go or not while laying in bed its not going to happen so don’t think about it just do it.
I feel as if its important to keep you guys updated on my journey. There’s going to be a lot of ups and downs when you’re striving to be on a whole food plant based lifestyle and I’m working through it right now. It’s not that I’m never eating junk food ever agin, let’s be realistic here. But I’ll probably have a treat once or twice a month instead of multiple times a week which I have been doing for a while now.


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