30 lbs Down


     I remember not wanting my picture taken even here at my own birthday party! I never truly felt comfortable at that weight and unfortunately after this I gained even more weight in college. I went through periods of severe restriction. But cutting out meat and dairy out of my diet and moving my body daily helped me a lot. 

     On the left I was around 160 lbs and now I’m almost 30 lbs down. I’m 5’7″ by the way. Intermittent fasting and carb cycling has helped me a lot and having a daily sustainable deficit of between 250 to 500 calories has helped me successfully lose about 1 lb a week since the beginning of this year after no weight loss since going vegan last February. I was just eating way too much sugar! 😂😔

     Intermittent fasting has made me realize just how much food I was actually eating (way too much) and how much I actually need to feel satisfied. It has made losing weight feel effortless. Although the picture on the left was some time ago it’s the closest thing I have to what I looked like before I went plant based and when I was at my highest weight as I did want to take ANY pictures of my self at that weight. 

     I’ve lost almost 30 lbs eating no meat, dairy, eggs or fish and eating an appropriate amount of carbs and sugar for MY daily needs. Do not let anyone tell you that you can stuff your face with 2000+ calories from carbs and sugar and not gain weight on this lifestyle. This is lifestyle is what YOU make it. Veganism is about ethics. You can still be vegan and be very unhealthy if you’re sitting around all day eating sugar.

      HCLF is NOT for everyone it’s suitable for extremely active people and athletes. You don’t need to be carb loading daily and the excess sugar WILL be stored as fat on your body. You DO need a deficit in order to lose weight either through diet or exercise. 

    Listen to your body, eat when you’re hungry stop when your full. Don’t force yourself to eat specific macros. Don’t fear fats! Everyone’s body and goals are different. Drink enough water. Get early nights. Don’t kill yourself exercising…and that’s it.


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