How eating more fat helped with my weight loss

My first year of being vegan taught me a lot like don’t load your blender with seven bananas and three tablespoons of coconut sugar, dates and vegan junk food are a once in a while treat not a regular meal or snack and most importantly eat more fats to get satiated not more carbs. After gaining ten pounds and getting rid of it only to get back to the weight I had started with back in February last year I decided to make a couple changes to the way I was eating and a lot has changed in less than two months of doing this along with doing less exercise.


My daily routine was already pretty good, I was getting 7-10 hours of sleep, drinking 2-3 litres of water and exercised around 5-7 days a week. Doing the 1-2 hr exercise I was doing I would get very hungry and eat more than I had ought to. This year I exercise less maybe 2 or 3 times weekly for half and hour or so and that’s it.


I also upped my fats from 5-10% to 30% sometimes 40% and this keeps me fuller for longer which is great because I no longer feel like a bottomless pit. Healthy fats like coconut, seeds, nuts and avocados are great whole food choices. I personally have coconut oil sometimes to aid candida. Since doing this I haven’t had recurring candida issues that I had struggled with in the past year which I now am sure is linked to the amount of sugar I was unaware I was actually consuming. I also have had much better sleep since eating higher fat.


As much as I hate to admit this calories do matter. I had no idea I was eating 300 + grams of carbs daily before doing this perhaps twice that amount. That’s an insane amount of carbs and sugar. Calories in calories out is still very much relevant vegan or not. I’ve now accepted that vegan is just about ethics you can be easily be overweight and unhealthier than a non vegan eating like this if you are constantly eating too many processed foods or even whole foods and not burning those extra calories off they will be stored as fat. Don’t let other people on the internet tell you how many calories you need to eat to be healthy everyone’s bodies and lives are different only you know how many calories you need. One day you may be very active and need 2500 calories the days you will be not be as active and need 1600, only you can know how many calories you need.


This should be obvious but it wasn’t until I started eating more veg last summer that those 10 extra lbs finally started to come off. Before that I hardly ate any vegetables having that typical hclf mentality and only having potatoes bananas and pasta at meals with added sugar. Vegetables like squash, broccoli and zucchini can be quite filling and are filled with micronutrients our bodies need. They’re a great weight loss hack. I’ve basically tripled the amount of veg I used to eat.  


Eat when you are hungry stop when you are full. Eat what you crave don’t force yourself to eat something you don’t want or like if you want to eat something have it your body is very smart. If you want something and you deprive yourself and have something else you’ll probably end up having it later.


Try to go to bed 2-4 hours after your last meal. Try not to sleep with a full stomach as your body is digesting food which takes up a lot of energy and can affect your overall quality of sleep. Quality sleep is essential for fat loss as well as adequate hydration.


Having a fitbit or another tracker is the best way to truly know how many calories you are actually burning so you can be in a deficit. A 250-500 calorie daily deficit is ideal for healthy sustainable weight loss (1-2 lbs a week).


Sugar is something else to watch out for ditch the refined stuff as much as you can and opt for fruit to replace it, have a tsp of coconut nectar which is lower in sugar or have stevia.


Don’t add extra salt if you don’t have to and add it to meals after cooking if you must. Sodium makes you retain water and can make you look puffy. It can also make it seem as if you have no progress in your weight loss.


Numerous health benefits. Uses fat for fuel after glycogen has been depleted. Retains muscle mass.Increased levels of human growth hormone. Easy and effective technique for weight loss. I personally do 16:8 or 18:6 depending on the day. 16 or 18 hours fasted (including sleep) and 6 or 8 hours in the fed state. Lost 7 lbs in 6 weeks doing this after a year of no results.


I have to thank Sarah’s Day for introducing me to this very flexible concept of eating high carb and getting the results I desire. She isnt vegan but I enjoy her channel and her overall approach to health and fitness. It’s a bit technical but she explains it well :
This technique is praised for fat loss.

A combination of all these things are helping me achieve my weight loss goals that I’ve had for a long time in a way that is comfortable and thats working for me. I have 18 lbs left to lose I think I’ll be at my goal in the next few months. Weight loss is simple for some but complicated for most and you’re probably not as healthy as you think you are.


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