Why Being a Junk Food Vegan Was the Best Decision I Ever Made

When I decided to go vegan on February 21st of this year it was not the easiest decision for me to make, I missed eating things like my mac and cheese and cheesy pizzas. I was hesitant about the lifestyle. I was watching a lot of youtube videos about people who had gained up to 50 lbs eating this way after calorie restriction. I had restricted my calories severely for 8 months up to this point and I was tired of it. I knew I was going to gain weight and I was very scared. But I knew I had to do this for myself, for my health and my well being. So I did, but I didn’t know where to start. I was afraid to eat a lot of fruit but banana ice cream was very appealing to me so I decided to start every morning with fruit and I had that almost every day until around April when I started to eat more things like oats and pancakes. But coming to this lifestyle I ate a lot of junk food, I had to its what kept me vegan because there were days where i wanted to have cheese but having vegan cheese slices and shreds to add to my meals helped me a lot. I had a lot of mushroom burgers while at home with the cheese and the salty condiments and oily french fries.

I had to start somewhere, I knew i wouldn’t eat like that for life but I had to make a change and I knew I would eventually have to learn to cook and eat healthier but this was fun and I was recovering! I allowed myself to eat whatever I wanted because I had to I needed to heal my body and my horrible relationship with food. French fries and potato salads with vegenaise was a big thing for me. I ate a lot of that in the evenings and it was important for me because after eating those higher fat foods and eating enough calories from carbohydrates I did not have any more cravings. This was working. Vegenaise with pasta was big for me as well so was the salty, oily vegan pizzas, chips and veggie burgers I would buy out in town, these were comfort foods I needed at that time. This lasted two months and I gained 10 lbs. These 10 lbs stayed on my body for the next 3 months and did not come off until I incorporated more raw foods into my diet in July. The more fresh whole fruits and vegetables I ate and the less fatty foods I ate I noticed I began to lose weight. But eating junk foods at the beginning of my journey like vegan snacks, greasy hash browns, pizza, and nut butters were very important, they healed my relationship with food and kept me on the right track–they caused me to stay vegan and not fall off the wagon.


2 thoughts on “Why Being a Junk Food Vegan Was the Best Decision I Ever Made

  1. Saw your videos on youtube and subbed. This is exactly how I started as a vegan. Just eating anything that was vegan and not really cooking. Now I cook all my meals and it is so much more fun to be a vegan. Almost 5 years so far, I started when I was 16.


    1. Glad you enjoyed my content 😊 I am definitely going to get back on YouTube and make more videos, been busy with college. Yes it is very important to have a start that makes your transition into the lifestyle easy for you. Eventually you will want to eat healthier and take care of yourself instead of doing things out of convenience.


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