Day 14 Raw Vegan: I Was Made For This!

I have never felt as good as I feel right now eating this way. I highly recommend anyone who is on the fence about choosing a raw vegan diet to try it out, you won’t regret it. I have so much energy, I wake up in the morning and my stomach is flat. I eat as much fruits and vegetables as I care for and I honestly feel as if I could spend the rest of my life eating this way. Its so simple and stress free.

I only eat the fruits I like and the more I eat these fruits the more I crave them. I don’t eat pears and peaches all day because that’s why my family chooses to keep in the house, they’re lower in calories and don’t taste as great. I eat a lot of bananas, mangoes and oranges–those are my staple foods and I feel so satisfied after eating them and I honestly get up each day craving a banana bowl or banana ice cream and I don’t miss pancakes or oats or anything like that.  I make sure I eat enough so around  10-15 bananas a day, 2 -4 large Keitt mangoes or medium Ataulfo mangoes or 3-5 oranges every 3-4 hours. I don’t stuff my face I eat when I’m hungry and stop when I’m full I eat around 2000 calories and I feel fine. If I’m more active one day I will want to eat more its not a big deal. I am a huge advocate for intuitive eating, do not think you must eat 3000 calories because that’s what someone else who is popular or whose has the results you desire eats, that person may be more athletic than you are and needs the extra calories. Do not push yourself beyond your limits.

Cutting out oil completely has made me feel 10 times more energised in the mornings and higher fat raw treats like a raw pizza I may have once a month along with things like cashews or other nuts/seeds in salads they are not staples and I’m realising I do not need to eat them often–especially if i’m trying to lose weight. I am no longer having foods like tahini, nut milk, maple syrup or even making a high fat dressing at night for my salad. I have cut out preservatives completely and I don’t miss any of those foods. I would like to lose about 20-30 lbs so I’m trying to eat the right foods in the right amounts. I’m not big on avocados, I used to be but they aren’t as good as I remembered them to be  and they’re quite high in fat so I do not eat them often. My focus is on fruit, sometimes I will incorporate a green smoothie. I am actually enjoying learning to appreciate the true tastes of my foods without adding any salt, dressings or sweeteners to them it’s quite an experience.


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